Photo By Deanna Nagle: Organizers of Weird Folk Fest’s Queer Qarnival

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please note: At the moment, we are closed except for our food relief program. Answers to these questions during the pandemic may differ.

Q: Is your space available on insert date?
A: All of our availability is listed on our online calendar. To request an event please select a date and time and fill out our booking form.

Q: Is your space wheelchair accessible?
Wheelchairs can enter through the front door but we do not have an automatic button. Our bathroom is also ADA compliant. Our entire ground floor is accessible, including the most frequent area used as a performance stage. However, we also have a loft that requires stairs to get to, and our emergency exit is down a flight of stairs through the basement

Q: Can I bring food into your space?
Yes you can, but please please PLEASE bring it out when you leave!

Q: Is there catering/kitchen access provided?
We have a partnership with Tviens Catering Service to provide home cooked Afro-Caribbean and Soul Food (ask about vegan/gluten free options) for events! Additionally, we have a small kitchenette that includes a hot water heater, some tea, a microwave, a fridge, a sink, and some dishes. All of these are available for your use. We do not have a full service kitchen

Q: Can I bring alcohol into your space?
Only with special written permission from the events coordinator. Permission can be revoked at any time, including during an event by an event assistant. We prefer to keep our events substance free.

Q: Do you have tables/chairs?
At the moment we have 7 long tables available and 28 chairs available for your use. If this is insufficient for your event, feel free to bring additional furniture.

Q: Can I rent multiple rooms?
Unfortunately, we only have one.

Q: Can I come see the space?
Yes. Please schedule an appointment with our events coordinator by emailing makeshiftbostonevents@gmail.com

Q: Do you have private office cubicles available?
We do not.

Q: Do you have day pass options available?
Yes! We have a brand new weekday special allowing for rentals as low as $20/hour during the weekday 9-5 hours. Please visit our events page for additional details

Q: Can I burn incense/candles in your space?
NO you may not! We have many folks in our extended network who are severely allergic to fragrances and we need the space to remain as accessible as possible for them.

Q: Can I bring my own lights/sound system/furniture?
Absolutely, and we also have a sound system available for rent for your convenience.

Q: Do you have a piano?
We have a full-size yamaha keyboard. It belongs to a member of the collective so please note in the comments on your event request if you intend to use it, so we can make sure it is in the space.

Q: Can I hang stuff up on the walls?
Yes, but please do not remove anything that is already there, and make sure to take anything you put up when you leave.

Q: What is your capacity?
Our space can hold 150 people