Make Shift Boston is a collectively-run co-working, events and community meeting space striving to offer Greater Boston an affordable place to be, a safe space to organize, and a sanctuary space for LGBTQ people, People of Color, Immigrants, and persons with disabilities. As artists and creatives committed to social justice, we live in radical, loving opposition and resistance to the forces that dehumanize us all.


  • Offering our creativity and solidarity towards a better world for all people
  • Valuing one another’s lived experiences, recognizing our privilege, working for just and fair relationships with each other and with our communities
  • Consideration and care for each other as people and as workers and artists
  • Open and respectful lines of communication
  • Encouraging collaboration among members
  • Being an active and contributing member of the South End community
  • Creating a safe and welcoming space for people of all races, classes, faiths, genders, sexualities, abilities, and places of origin.
  • Respect for our members’ well-being and health
  • Respect for our environment in the immediate, local, and global sense
  • Not taking ourselves too seriously
  • Camaraderie, friendliness and mutual support

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549 Columbus Ave, Boston MA 02118 (Map)

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